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Process and Technical Safety Management

SONGKLA - OCTOBER 15: offshore rig in gulf of Thailand from Songkra shore about 230 km, Thailand on October 15, 2008.

Regulators and even good engineering moral expects operators of volatile plants to implement measures to ensure that their plants are operated and maintained in a safe manner. Process safety Management (PSM) involves applying management principles, tools and methodologies to the identification, understanding, and control of process hazards to protect employees, facility assets and the environment. At Beyond Energy we assist our clients in achieving their process safety KPIs.  Good Process Safety Management should encompass proactive identification, evaluation and mitigation or prevention of hazardous releases that could occur as a result of failures in process, procedures or equipment.

Our Solutions

Often times organizations are clear on what they need to deliver i.e. don’t hurt anyone, no harm to the environment, no damage to asset etc. The challenge is how to achieve these goals.

Beyond Energy is a renowned leader in Process Safety Management from conception to operation of the plant. Our approach is based on innovative engineering and proven methodologies, using latest tools to achieve practical results. We have high calibre engineers drawn from a wide range of backgrounds, including engineering and science disciplines, information technology, operations and management.  They are motivated professionals, with a clear focus on meeting clients’ expectations.

Many companies faces major challenges relating to the speed at which operations have to be installed, the manpower downsizing often required, the environmental pressures which may cause process changes, the ageing of plant, and in some cases the acquisition of other company sites. Beyond Energy is able to provide a tailored approach to fit your needs. Our PSM (Process Safety Approach) ranges from process screening and concept selection, through hazard identification, consequence evaluation, risk assessment, ALARP study, pre start-up action response auditing, to inspection and auditing during operation.