Sunday , August 18 2019


Beyond Energy offers a complete portfolio of Asset Integrity Management Services (AIMS), Process Safety Management (PSM) & Mechanical Integrity (MI), Fiscal Metering & System Monitoring, Training & Education and Manpower Supply to help customer improve asset performance, reduce risks, assure safety and increase profitability. With global partners, we have the ability to manage all aspects of asset integrity across the energy and industrial sectors. This includes technical support services, maintenance supports, process safety & risk management, condition monitoring, fiscal metering & measurement, competent manpower supply, troubleshooting and operational improvements. Established in the United Kingdom (UK), and head office in Aberdeen Scotland (UK), Beyond Energy also have offices in Abu Dhabi and Nigeria.

Our Key Business Streams:

Asset Integrity Key Streams

We understand that to succeed in our world of rapid changes, organisations need to be more flexible, fast moving and fast learning. That is why we serve as a “one stop shop” to our customers. With our experience and understanding of Asset Integrity, Safety, Risk Engineering, Project Management, and Construction, we can provide a wide range of specialist services to help our customer succeed.

 In Abu Dhabi, we are sponsored by Emirates ERM (as our principal company). Through Emirates ERM we are registered with all ADNOC group of companies. We also have good experiences delivering statutory risk management study peculiar to Abu Dhabi, i.e. Health, Safety and Environmental Impact Assessment (HSEIA) and associated Safety Studies.

 Our experts apply technical judgment and experience to ensure that relevant standards are met and risks are recognized. They understand our clients’ businesses and the challenges they face so we can offer a service tailored to our clients’ needs. And the priority we place on research and development means we can lead and work on the latest innovations.