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Our Business Streams

Manpower Supply

Manpower Supply Our technical manpower supply grants you access to suitably trained, qualified and experienced personnel for onshore and offshore service. We offer a range of services to meet the needs of our clients in line with the ever-changing landscape of compliance in the region. Please contact our management team for further information. Our recruitment team has access to a ... Read More »

Asset Integrity Solutions

Asset Integrity Solutions From pipelines to facilities to maintenance, wells and structures, our services cover the broad range of asset integrity management requirements. Our delivery is centered around a group of highly experienced integrity specialists, robust processes, and procedures. The benefits of employing our services are demonstrable minimisation of risk to people, the environment, and the business, as well as ... Read More »

Quality Inspection and Asset Integrity Management

Pressure Chamber NDT

Beyond Energy Limited Quality and  Integrity management system helps clients plan, develop and implement effective and rational management systems and processes for all aspects of asset integrity, procurement and quality management. Our ability to serve clients as an Independent Engineer ensures that projects meet the desired standards and specifications to deliver the intended results while achieving both operational and financial objectives. Our resources pull is ... Read More »

Occupational Health, Safety and Environment


The pressure of production or performance target, financial constraints and the complexity of the organisation could make achieving good occupational health and Safety aspect of work challenging and daunting. However, there are some powerful incentives for organisations to strive for high health and safety standards. That is why Beyond Energy is committed to providing our clients with the best health, ... Read More »

Process Safety Management

Beyond EL

Regulators and even good engineering expects operators of volatile plants to implement measures to ensure that their plants are operated and maintained in a safe manner. Process safety Management (PSM) involves applying management principles, tools and methodologies to the identification, understanding, and control of process hazards to protect employees, facility assets and the environment. At Beyond Energy we assist our ... Read More »

Training and Education

Business training at office

Beyond Energy is dedicated to developing professionals in the oil and gas industry. The oil and gas industry is facing significant human resource challenges and as the industry focuses on the hard-to-extract oil and gas resources, professionals at all levels need to acquire fresh skill sets. Beyond energy provides quality and tailored training services and has helped oil and gas ... Read More »

Risk Assessment

Group of students in professional training

An important element in planning and performance operations is to ensure that activities can be performed without undue risk to personnel, asset and environment. The systematic process to understand the nature of and to deduce the level of risk is a major input to risk management decision-making. Beyond Energy is a leader in risk assessment and quantification. Be it quick ... Read More »