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Asset Integrity Solutions

Asset Integrity Solutions

From pipelines to facilities to maintenance, wells and structures, our services cover the broad range of asset integrity management requirements. Our delivery is centered around a group of highly experienced integrity specialists, robust processes, and procedures. The benefits of employing our services are demonstrable minimisation of risk to people, the environment, and the business, as well as optimization of inspection, maintenance, and asset life.

With a global partner, we have the ability to manage all aspects of asset integrity across the energy and industrial sectors.

Our services relates to all phases of the asset’s life-cycle, ranging from conceptual study through to detailed design, implementation, operation and verification. We provide

  • Technical Integrity Analysis and Asset Improvement
  • Maintenance optimisation & Field Engineering
  • Inspection and Integrity
  • Reliability, Availability, and Maintainability
  • Specialised Engineering, Study, and Consultancy
  • Engineering Design & Project Management
  • Risk-based inspection and reliability
  • Operations readiness
  • Vibration, dynamics, and noise
  • Rotating equipment analysis
  • Asset visualization technology
  • Provision of Asset Integrity Management Software
  • SoP, Procedure and Standards Development
  • Bespoke training and competency

For more information on the latest thinking in asset integrity, please contact us and you will be glad you did.

Beyond Energy Contact

Maintaining hardware to be safe, reliable and efficient is not only essential to managing the major accidents hazards the industry faces but it also plays a vital part in creating a physical environment people can be proud to work in. Creating this environment is one of the key strategies required to create an incident-free workplace.

Additional information on plant aging and life extension

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